Getting Started - Bring your pictures out of hiding and into a beautiful photo book. 

Sorting pictures is the biggest hurdle to starting a photo book. Many of us have years, maybe even a decade or two!, of pictures stuffed in boxes, turning yellow in old photo albums, and lost on digital devices. If the thought of trying to do something with your pictures is daunting and overwhelming then you've come to the right place

Here are the steps to making a photo book with me.

Step 1 - Choose one subject.

Focus on one subject, event, time, place, person, etc... for your photo book. This will bring clarity and make getting started easier.

Step 2 - Find the pictures.

Start digging and find all the pictures you have relating to this topic. Don't try to sort anything. Just bring all your pictures and related items together. Include any items you'd like scanned or photographed to be part of the book, such as ticket stubs, menus, children's artwork, handwritten notes, journaling... 

Step 3 -  Contact me.

Fill out my contact form. I'll ask you what your vision is for the photo book (theme, colors, size, fonts, gift...) as well as your budget and timing. I'll get back to you with a quote. If you agree with the quote then we'll go to step 4.

Step 4 - Hand over the pictures.

That's right. You'll give me all your pictures and any additional content for the book. Together we'll decide whether you need me to sort the pictures or not.  If you have printed pictures I'll let you know where to get them scanned or if photographing them would be best. And, depending on what's easiest for you, I'll either ask you to upload your pictures to a drop box, memory stick, or flash drive... 

Step 5 - Select the best pictures.

If you've already selected the best pictures you can skip to step 6! Otherwise, once I have your pictures, I'll select the best ones, make any necessary corrections, and provide you with a link so that you can double check what I've selected. This is an additional service and will be in the quote.

Step 6 - Start the photo book.

Once you've approved the pictures I've selected or you've given me your selection, I'll create a few pages and have you take a look to make sure I'm on the right track. Once I've completed inserting the photos I'll send you a link for you to review the entire book. 

Step 7 - Add titles.

At this point you'll send me any changes that need to be made as well as the titles you'd like to add. 

Step 8 - Make final corrections.

We'll have one final review and make final changes.

Step 9 - Order the photo book.

Time to order the photo book. We can order one or more copies and have them shipped to a single address or multiple locations.