In Memory of Mom - Creating a Magazine

When my mom passed away I wanted to create something that family could cherish and go to to remember her wonderful spirit. Of course I thought of a photo book but it seemed too cumbersome for what I had in mind. That's when I came across the magazine option in Blub's BookWright program. 

I photographed all the photos I could find of her. Rather than scanning, I preferred taking pictures of the old pictures. If you decide to do this instead of scanning watch for direct light and shadows showing up on your pictures as well as distortion. Do not use a flash. If you want to know more I found this article helpful.

I loaded the photos onto my hard drive and used Adobe Photoshop to correct, retouch, and enhance the old photos. 

I used Adobe Illustrator to create my spreads and exported them as jpegs. The spreads were then loaded into BookWright. Most of the spreads can be created in BookWright. I used Illustrator because it gave me a little more design flexibility for this project.

I added lyrics from a few of her favorite songs.

The magazine was gorgeous and a loving treasure.

The final project was a 56-page magazine with 92 photos printed on premium paper.