Photo Books Make the Perfect Gift

Aack! We're already seeing the Christmas lights go up in the stores! Are you ready for the holidays? Do you know who's on your list and what you'll get them? My list is already done! It's easy when you give your family a photo book. 

Every year I give my family a copy of my summer photo book with pictures from our summer vacation together. I create one book and print five copies. Done and dusted!

The best pictures are printed in this photo book along with a few fun titles and comments ;-) The entire family is covered. And for my sisters, this is one less thing on their to-do list. The best gift you can give a sister, right?! 

I create an annual cover with portrait pictures of each cousin. This gives continuity from one year to the next and best of all we can see how the cousins have changed year after year. 

When the photo books are unwrapped the room goes silent. I watch everyone pour over every page. This is the most magical moment of the evening for me.

I've been creating photo books for Christmas for my family for years now. My father would tell me that he looked at my summer photo books when he wanted to feel closer to us. My sisters call my photo books treasurers… that's all the motivation I need. 

I know it can be overwhelming to sort through vacation pictures, select the best, and then create a photo book. But making a photo book is worth it and might be easier than you think. Giving a photo book is like no other gift you'll ever give. I'm hoping I've convinced you to gather up your pictures and get started!